This series is a conceptual rendering of a view under a microscope. “Micrographia” are woven structures and two dimensional forms inspired by logwood and its use in histology.  "Lineages" is a work from this series.

"Lineages" is a woven structure composed of naturally dyed wool, silk, cotton, linen, hemp and bamboo. The fibers have been manipulated to create a fictional landscape of the inner world of cells. It is a blurry, textural glimpse inside maternal connections, transmissions, and adaptations.



naturally dyed wool, silk, cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo




Beat Series

Jack + Allen


Old Bull Lee

Burn, Burn, Burn

Prehistoric Coyote Chanting

Beat Series 

Portraits of Beat Authors and Jack Kerouac prose // 2015-2016

Machine stitch and hand embroidery on cotton

This series was inspired by written word and iconic images of Beat authors. This work explores the impact of the juxtaposition of machine stitch and hand work, as well as hand work and text. "Jack + Allen" and "Old Bull Lee" were shown in the group exhibition Ideas of Breath at Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, BC 2016.





Natural dyes leave a lasting imprint on the cloth preserving layers of experience. The concept behind this work is to expose interconnections, making the intimate relationship between fibers and plants visible.


Slow stitch hand embroidery and eco print dyeing 2016

Embroidery work with silk thread on chiffon, wool, silk and lace.

Base fabric was dyed in multiple dye pots using a bundling technique. Kitchen scraps like beets, onions, carrots, rosemary, fennel, sage, and tea were used to create unexpected colour. This work was part of a group exhibition, Eat Your Veggies, at Studio 126, Vancouver, BC 2016.